Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday 8th September 2013

 How exciting!! We are now up to the "cartoon" (picture)..woohoo!
The word cartoon is derived from the Italian cartone; which describes a large sheet of paper used in preparation for a later painting or tapestry. Source: wikipedia
 As you can see, a line drawing of the cartoon has been placed behind the warps and then drawn on with  black pen in order to follow the shapes in the picture.
 Another view...
 This is Jasmin. She was visiting The Bach with her family and made a bee-line for the mini-loom!
 Jasmin (almost 6) her Mum and Dad live in Onerahi. They had brought in their friends visiting from the UK.
 From left to right; Lindsay, Sam, Kevin and Paul. Jasmin in the front. 
 Jasmin's Mum Sam had a go at weaving.
 Naoko helping Sam while Gerry and Paul, who are brothers look on.
 Gerry is from Warrington, in England and Paul from the U.K. Paul said their mother did a lot of tapestry when she was younger. It was a real pleasure to meet and chat with them!
 This is Angela. she is a local and said she really enjoyed her time working on the tapestry. She suffers from Depression and wants to come back regularly as she found it relaxing and therapeutic..
 More people coming to look at the tapestry progress...
 Naoko, our regular volunteer never seems to tire explaining how the tapestry process works to people who ask questions about it...
and a daddy and his daughter, check out the "bigness" of our project!

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