Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday 12th October 2013

 Look at how AMAZING the tapestry is looking!! Thanks so much to our committed Tapestry Volunteer's and all those people who have taken some time out of their busy schedule to weave a few lines. You are doing a great job...keep up the good work!
 Inga and her daughter Louisa, from Auckland were first to do some weaving on Saturday. Inga started the Top Sail Restaurant, Onerahi in 1992 and was up in Whangarei, visiting some friends.
Inga's daughter Louisa 
Tina and Victor (from Whangarei) taking photos of their friends weaving.
 Tina taking more photos of Louisa for keepsakes.
 Next we had Elisabet from Spain.
She is a Police Officer in Barcelona but is taking a break and travelling around New Zealand for 6 months. She was reading about Whangarei as a good place to visit on the Lonely Planet website and the people she was staying with in Auckland said they had a sister living in Whangarei, so they organised a weekend visit.
..and her she is, at The Bach with us....that's for participating in our tapestry project, Eli!
Naoko our very committed tapestry volunteer helping Elisabet weave. 
Elisabet said she really liked working on the tapestry and found it very relaxing.
Thank you so much for "Giving it a Go" Elisabet!
Debbie, a local here in Whangarei, was Eli's billet for the weekend.
Hope to see you again soon!
This lovely wee lass is Florence (5). She lives in Manchester, U.K and is visiting her Grandma, her Aunt Dianne (pictured) and Uncle Charlie. She came over with her daddy  and turns 6 years old in a weeks time when she will be going back home for a Surprise Birthday Party.
This is Nikki and her Mum, Simone. They live in Tikipunga.
Nikki is 11 years old and enjoyed having a go at weaving.
Once they were confident with the technique on the mini-loom, they moved onto weaving on the main loom.
Lastly...here is me. Your blog host, Julia. I finally got to have a got at weaving. I've been watching people working on it and photographing the progress for some time now but wasn't sure I "had it in me" to weave. But I did..and it is SO addicting, but in a really GOOD way! So come on in and "Give it a Go" - you might just surprise yourself and really like it!

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