Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekend photos - 7th/8th December

In order to know where to weave each colour, the cartoon is copied onto the warps.
Naoko carefully transfers each line and shape by pen onto the cotton warping.   

 The "I's"  have it!! We are up to the wording, well...the bottom of it!
The arrow shows where we are up to on the painting.
 A photo "behind the scenes" - This is what the back looks like.
 Lots of threads and cotton used to sew together the joins. 
Locals come in regularly to check out the tapestry progress. Visitors inquire as to what is happening...most have never seen a tapestry In-Progress and are amazed by our Community Project! 
 BAUGE' Julianna and her husband are from Budapest, Hungry.
They are house-exchanging with a Northland artists, David Foley and Adrienne Dietrich.
David and Adrienne are looking forward to spending some time in Europe
and have visited the Hundertwasser House in Vienna in the past.  
 Thank you Julianna for working on the Tapestry.

On Sunday, we had a visit from some Japanese tourists that have been eager to visit New Zealand for some time. 
 This is Fumiko Akmoto from Tokyo, Japan. She enjoyed working on the tapestry.
  Kunihko and Hideko Hashimoto from Tochigi Prefecture 
 They said New Zealand is a beautiful country and really want to visit again.
 Mr Hashimoto's signature....
(I felt pretty honoured to witness him signing his name!)
 Taila Bentell (11) from Auckland practices weaving on one the mini-looms.
she was up visiting for the weekend with her dad. 
 The He family (pronounced Hur) from Auckland
 Maria and her Mum Jean are original form Beijing, China. 
They immigrated to New Zealand when Maria was a young girl.
Younger sister, Selena (13) was born in Auckland and will be starting High School next year.

To all our recent visitors, thank you for stopping by and working on The Whangarei Community Tapestry!


Stuart said...

Hello from Japan. We enjoyed our stay at Whangarei Heads and will remember our input at the Bach for a very long time. The soap is great!

Whangarei Tapestry said...

It was a real pleasure to meet you and your Japanese tourists, Stuart..thank you for your comments.

Kind Regards,