Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Early April 2014....

On the 3rd of April Ange McLean came and worked
 on the Whangarei Community Tapestry for a bit.
 Ange is an art student at NorthTec and last 
time she did any weaving, it was at school!

Sunday 6th April 2014
This lovely family are from Brazil. The Vandeveld's are living 
and sailing around the world in a boat  called "Kanaloa"
From left to right:  Jacqueline, Jose (obscured) Eliza and Priscila.
 Priscilia having a go at tapestry weaving.
Niece Jacqueline did a row as well. Jose and Eliza said
 they would be back! It's so nice to meet travellers and talk to them 
about their journey and learn a little bit about their adventures.
Thank you for taking the time to stop and work on our tapestry.

We'll, we've been going almost a year now.
Here's a photo of where we'are at...
...and close up of the "Town Basin" (below)
Thanks to all who have contributed over the year!

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