Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When the computer gobbles my photos!

Sorry for the delay in getting these photos posted!
I had the work computer gobble some of the pics I'd 
taken and was SO upset and frustrated I hadn't been 
able to  post the rest ...until now. Thankfully, one of 
our visitors came back and had taken photos on their
 phone so I was able to arrange getting a copy of them
 to replace the ones I'd lost.So, without further ado..
This is Brittany Trask with her Nana, Barbara Taylor.
Brittany is a student at Auckland University studying
Marine Science and was up visiting her Nana for 
a break. Barbara has previously brought in other 
grand-daughters to see the tapestry and do some weaving.

Saturday 26 July 2014
Denise and Daniel Ellis, are locals and hosting a Japanese
 student. Denise has a go on the mini loom while her husband
 talks to Tapestry Host, Naoko about the community project 
and the students from Japan work on the main tapestry loom. 
Left to right: Naoko shows one of the  students how the 
weaving is done while two others work unsupervised.
Left to Right: "Koki" and "Riko"
"Aoi" is from Osaka, Japan.

Aafie Schreuder from Whangarei has already been in to 
see the Tapestry Project and done a little weaving
Aafie is 9 years old and has her own loom.
Her friend Dillon is 7 years old.
He had a go weaving on the mini loom.
Aafie is a very confident weaver for her age!

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