Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 2014 update

Luke Tippett (front) and sister Brooke Tippet
from Hawera, Taranaki were up in Whangarei 
 on the 4th September with their Mum and Dad
 looking at property in One Tree Point as they 
are planning on moving  to Northland soon.
 Luke, Brooke and parents stayed with Aunty 
Denise (on right) who lives at One Tree Point.
 Luke (10) and Brooke (11) with Mum, Mary Tippett.
Thanks for stopping by and having a go at weaving!
Tanisha Edwards 13 years old is
 from Whakapara (Ngati Hau)
and Te Hapua (Ngati Kuri)
She enjoyed her time weaving and 
hopes to be able to visit again soon.

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