Sunday, January 4, 2015

Saturday 27th December 2014 photos

Here's an update of where were at, at the end of 2014:
The Letter N in WHANGAREI is almost completed and
 the boats above OUR PLACE are being worked on.
The water is a wonderful blend 
of many shades of blue wool...
..and work has commenced on the sun's reflection
on the water. An exciting mix of yellow and gold
gives the sun's "glow"  radiance and glimmer.
A closeup of the boats on the water..
..and a photo showing the detail of the sun's reflection.
On Christmas Eve we had a returning visitor from the UK.
Catherine Davis had first seen our tapestry in May 2013.
It was fabulous that she made a point of
calling in again to see the progress!

The weekend after Christmas brought in many
 travellers in the area who were out and about
visiting the Town Basin in Whangarei.
Xan Guiness from Mt. Maunganui 
was up visiting his Grandmother.
Ruth Merriman (above) from Hamilton was up
visiting Whangarei before heading North to Kaitaia.

Below, Naoko shows Ros Morrison, from Devon, 
Torquay in England the technique of weaving.
Ros looks stunningly-summery in a locally made
sunhat purchased here at The Bach, Town Basin.
Ros has travelled to New Zealand for Xan's wedding
to fiancee, Sarah (third from left) Sarah's Dad, Brian
(far left) joined the happy couple for the day's outing.
Naoko shows Sarah who to weave
Sarah; the "bride-to-be" stops to smile for the camera!

Angelique, from Auckland is 
originally from the Philippians.
She has been living and working in Auckland for 8 years.
Angelique said she was on holiday with her Mum, Men 
(seated, below) who lives in Pakuranga, Auckland.
They both enjoyed their weaving experience.
Vivian Xu (above) from China is studying 
Human Resource Management in Hamilton 
and visiting the North while on study-leave.
John David (left) and Mum, Leyda are from Auckland. 
They have been there for 3 years, originally from the 
Philippians and have been on holiday up North. 
John David and his Mum enjoyed Christmas in the
 Bay Of Islands and were on their way back home.

Thanks for stopping in to The Bach and working
 on The Whangarei Community Tapestry with us. 
Thanks for being part of the project!

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