Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 2015 update

~JUNE 2015~

We've had many visitors coming through The BACH to see the Community Tapestry over the past few weeks. As work on the project had come to a pause while we came to terms with the passing of our Tapestry Master Beverly Compter, we also needed to decide how to proceed without her guidance.
Naoko Watson, Beverly's Assistant has stepped up to take on the role of Tapestry Master and Karen Taylor has offered to continue the dyeing of wool for the project.
Glenda Fergusson, Life Member of The BACH and Loom Designer/Story Board Writer and Editor wrote a lovely tribute to Beverley and update details for the public in memory of her.
Lesley Marshall had a go at weaving with friend Johanna.
Johanna was visiting Whangarei from Blenheim.
Work has started on the sun. We were just waiting on the wool 
being dyed and thank Karen for offering to do this for us.
 Weaving on the mountain is on hold while wool is being dyed
Thank you to all of our volunteering hostesses and the public 
for your patience while wool is being dyed to continue weaving.

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Lynda said...

Beverly will be sorely missed by all of our creative crafty community.
Naoko and Karen, wonderful of you both to step up and carry on with this amazing project.