Monday, January 11, 2016

International visitiors..

We have a lot of international visitors and shoppers over the summer period and many are enthralled at our amazing community tapestry project.
Allana, a local but has American Citizenship and currently studying there, was visiting her mum for Christmas along with brother, Reece from Auckland. They called in to see if they could do a little weaving before returning home.
Sophie, aged 9 years from Cairns, Queensland in Australia was visiting family with her Mum and Dad over the New Year. Her Dad grew up in Whangarei and Sophie had a Grand-friends Day at school where "Nana's" came to spend the day showing the children how to sew and knit and do crafts they learned as a child. Sophie thought the tapestry was amazing!

Our hostesses are back on deck after their holiday break so I hope to have lots more photos to share of our many visitors working on the tapestry in the coming weeks.

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M Jones said...

What an amazing project! Having my children contribute and add their little piece feels like they will forever have a part of them here.