Sunday, February 9, 2014

6 February 2014 - Waitangi Day

We had lots of visitors calling in to the BACH to see
 the Community Tapestry Project on Waitangi Day!
Sarah Kleinebecker is 25 years old 
and visiting from Berlin, Germany. 
Sarah has taken one year off from her "normal" life
to travel the world. She is spending 2 and 1/2 months
travelling around New Zealand and really enjoyed 
being part of our beautiful project!

Lisa Davies (above) said Whangarei has been her home since 
1996. She loves and is very proud to be living in Northland.
 Lisa is always impressed by the artist wealth 
and talent of the North. It was her first time weaving
and she is looking forward to coming back again soon.

 Janet Huites (I'm not sure if I've got your surname right!)
is from Pukekohe, Auckland. She has been a regular
visitor to the North for 38 years now.
Janets stays out at Whananaki when she is up
and loves Northland. She is thought the tapestry
and The BACH studio was really impressive!

The visitors just kept on coming. It was great to see 
everyone's enthusiasm at giving it a go at weaving!
 Our Faithful Tapestry Host, Naoko (who's recovering from 
surgery, I should add!) was on-hand to help everyone.
 A Mum juggles her year-old baby, Noah while helping
4 year old son Ezra weave on one of the mini-looms. 
Her daughter Lily Browne, who is 6 years old
 works confidently on the other mini loom.

Another Mum and son wait patiently in the
 background for their turn to try some weaving. 

Raewyn Snowden (left) and friend 
Dianne Pennington (right) were having
 fun and a bit of a laugh while weaving.
Can't be helped when there's a 
camera in your face at every turn!!

Jenny Aldernan, from England is visiting Dianne 
Pennington. She is Dianne's Mum's friend and was
 invited to come see the tapestry by Raewyn and 
Dianne, which she really enjoyed doing. 

Gus, who is 5 and attends Hora Hora Primary School
taking his turn on the mini loom. Renske, his mum shows
 him how to weave. Renske is a Dutch Kiwi.

Karen Ruskin, of Pilgrim Planet Guesthouse 
enjoyed her time weaving on the tapestry.

Look at that.....the "boat sheds" are nearly done!

Thanks to everyone who came in today and worked 
on the Whangarei Community Tapestry Project!

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