Sunday, February 2, 2014

1st February 2014

 Ruhi McCheon, from Levin is up in Whangarei 
visiting her daughter Janine. She said it was her first
 time weaving and she really liked it. Ruhi makes 
necklaces and fabric flower brooches back at home.
 "Beating Down the Wefts" with the metal fork
This pushes the wool done (compacts the wefts)
 "Nana" Glenda Hughes from Kamo 
shows grand-daughter Lauren Black
how weaving is done on the mini-loom.
 Lauren is 7 years old and 
goes to Kamo Primary School. 
She loves any craft and has 
really enjoyed the weaving.
The letter I (of Whangarei) is finished!

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