Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mid-June 2014 visitors

On the 12th June the Far North Home-School Group
called in to see what the tapestry was all about. Some 
from Kaitaia, Doutless Bay and some from Peria area.
Shasa Downer (7 years old) showed 
quite a bit of confidence in her weaving
 Rima Eruera (6) being shown how to weave.
. Shasa said she had a loom at home and 
that was why she knew what to do.

SUNDAY 15th June 2014
Anthony Tuia and Kelly Bryant brought their 
family in to look at the tapestry weaving.
 Anthony's daughters Essica and Jasmine
enjoyed practising on the mini looms. 
Jasmine is 7 years old...
 ..and her sister Essica is 9 years old.
 Kelly's daughter Alex (10) watches
Essica while she is weaving.
 Anthony chats with Naoko about making a loom for the girls as
 he is a woodworker.. An old unused picture frame with yarn 
wrapped around lengthways serves well as a beginners loom.
 It's great to see people 
enthusiastic about being creative!
Sandra Thompson worked along tapestry hostess, Naoko after
 being shown "the ropes" of how to weave and get the tension right.
 Note: the amazing jacket. Sandra makes these herself!
Sandra, from Parekura Bay is a Felt Artist and Director of "Creative Get Up"
She makes a  range of exclusively made original garments, wraps and scarves.,At the centre 
of Sandra's work is a profound and ever growing interest in fibre, colour and design.

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