Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mid-March 2015

Sorry for my absence.. I had surgery in February, hence the lack of updates.
 Here's a few recent photos of our tapestry project and a newspaper clipping with the story behind an amazing cake presented to the Tapestry Committee Members by Diana Johnson from the Whangarei Cake Decorators Guild. Click on the article below to enlarge....

(edit to apologize for the small font of the print. I will scan 
the newspaper article clipping for easier reading shortly!)
Thank you to the Whangarei Cake Decorators Guild
for choosing The Whangarei Tapestry Team to 
receive The GOOD SORTS Cake Award !

Some photos of where we are at...
 Some close-up pics...
 ..of the left-hand side of the tapestry..
 the center...
and the right hand side.

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