Saturday, April 11, 2015

End of March 2015 update

 27 MARCH 2015
 Every now and again we get a group of people like 
these lovely ladies who are interested in participating 
with the Whangarei Community Tapestry Project. 
 They arrange a day and time to come in so we can have our 
 hosts available to assist and explain weaving techniques.
It's a great way to relax in the company of friends
and be involved in a community project.
Thank you ladies for being involved. We hope you enjoyed
your experience and would love to see you all again soon!

APRIL 2015
 We are now over 3/4 completed!
 Here's some close-up photos showing the blending of
 colours.This weaving technique is called "hatching"
 We often have people coming in thinking we
 have commenced a new weaving project. 
 When we take them around to the back of the loom,
 they understand how the tapestry is being done. There's
 always something to talk about with a community project!
 Yarn ends and bobbins at the back of the tapestry...
No, they don't "get knotted". We cut them to an
 inch, and sew up the seams with a fine cotton
 thread as we go. The compaction of the wefts 
keeps the ends from unraveling undone.

29 MARCH 2015 
 As well as groups of people coming in to work on the tapestry
regular individuals come in to The BACH to see how the
project is coming along. Jean Cartwright is one of those "regulars"
Here she is (front in red) talking to Jason Kena (in green)
and Charmaine Soljak from The Hits Radio about weaving.
Charmaine has had the opportunity to do some cloak weaving
enjoyed conversing with Jean, comparing weaving processes.
Jean Cartwright has been a weaver for a long time and 
has started up a number of wool groups over the years.
Jean's daughter in law, Helen (taking a photo of the
 tapestry painting) is from Te Puke and she brought her
in to seeing the Community Project but ended up giving 
the "Tapestry Project Talk" to Charmaine and Jason as 
there wasn't a hostess available at the time. How lovely
to see a member of the community educating another
on our wonderful Tapestry Project! Thanks Jean :o)

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