Thursday, January 2, 2014

The last weekend of 2013

Well..that should teach me to leave my record book at home and trust not to loose little pieces of paper! Sadly, I have misplaced the information of a couple of families that called in to see what was happening with The Tapestry Project. I do hope it turns up and apologies to those in the photos I'm unable to name at this time...please forgive me!

I do recall this little one being called Charlotte.
She cried (and ran to her mum) when I asked her to smile for the camera. I'm so sorry Charlottle!
...and this is Charlotte's big sister.

Again, another family I have misplaced the details of.
Mum and Dad help their children to weave on the mini-looms.
And I know this is Esther.
 She was telling me she could write her name "all by herself"
 ...I thought that was a great achievement!

Brenda - from Snells Beach, Warkworth.
 Brenda is up in Whangarei camping over the Holiday Break.

 Ken Barber with his daughter, Janet from Auckland, who is visiting her dad
 Ken is a "local" and lives at Falls Estate in Tikipunga.
 Janet with her husband, Hubert Schulte.

 We had Beverley Compter's daughter Patricia and family call in to see the tapestry.
Beverley is our Tapestry Master and dyes ALL the wool by hand.
 Patricia and her husband, Gregor (in background) 
live in Awawhata near Piha, Auckland. Patricia and family 
have come North to visit "Nana" for Christmas/New Year.
 From left to right: Isla (6), Patricia, Erica (7) and Calan (4)
Beverly with  Erica, Patricia, Calan (obscured) and Isla,
"Mum" shows Calan how to weave on one of the mini-looms...
...while the two girls work on the "BIG" loom.

This is Katie Hindle from Nelson
Katie is in Whangarei visiting family for Christmas as well.
She has previously done some weaving back home in Nelson.

Mrs Margaret Mead, from Kamo. She is 94 
years young and still lives in her own home.
Margaret is a longtime member of Creative Fibre 
Spinners and Weavers Guild. She has lived in Whangarei for 40 years 
and has 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.
Thanks for your participation!

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