Sunday, January 19, 2014

The weekend of 11/12 January 2014

I'm not sure where the month has gone and  apologies
 for the slowness in getting the latest lot of photos up!

 This is Monte Nassar from Toronto, Canada. She was travelling on a 
tour bus to Paihia, which stopped at The Town Basin for a  break.

 Visitors from Auckland.

 Elly, in the grey cardigan, is one of the tapestry hostesses. 
She bought her sister-in-law Jackie Boeyen, from Nelson and daughter 
Tayler to see the tapestry and both were keen to do some work on it.
Tayler and her mum came up for the Colgate Games Athletics Meet.
Elly showing Tayler how to ensure her weaving is the 
correct tension. Too tight and the warps get pulled together.
Thanks for your participation!
More visitors from Auckland....
Steve is from Mangere, Auckland
 and really enjoyed have a go weaving.
Meanwhile Steve's daughters, Mahalayla (12)
 left and Paige (8) practiced their
 weaving skills on the mini-looms.

 Jill (left) was the Tapestry Hostess for the day.
 Margaret Rawsley a repeat visitor from Auckland,
 has a daughter who lives here in Whangarei.
Margaret said she will be coming up in three weeks 
time so will be back to do some more weaving
then, as she really enjoys it

 Naoko shows Susan Mowatt-Wilson how the weaving
is done while her friend, Noeline looks on.
 Susan is a local and lives in Maunu...
 Noeline said she used to live in Whangarei and 
was enjoying visiting over the summer period

 Marie, in the yellow top said she was up in Northland 
on holiday camping at the beach with her husband.

 Above: Ann Treadwell, who lives here in Whangarei.

This is Clare from Otorohanga She told me she was 9
 years old and was visiting Whangarei (with her mum)
for the Colgate Games Weekend.

 The Jones family: they live in Owhiwa Road, Mt Tiger, Whangarei.
 Eila-Rose,10 has been in to do some weaving before 
so she showed her brother Campbell, 13 how to do it.
"Mum" Lee watches while "Dad" David does some weaving.
 It's so nice to see a family out  spending some time together.
 Good job David!
 Naoka has commenced working on the
 building beside the boat. The masts are up too! 

 Lee's turn for some weaving...
 Lee watches her son, Campbell while Eila-Rose works a few rows.
We hope to see you again soon!

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