Sunday, May 29, 2016

The "Cutting Off" Ceremony - Sunday 22 May 2016

On Sunday the 22th May 2016 The BACH held the Offical "Cutting Off" Ceremony for the Whangarei Community Tapestry Project. It was an Invite Only Ceremony to celebrate the completion of this wonderful tapestry and to give recognition to the key people involved in the project. We kicked the evening off with nibbles and refreshments kindly supplied by the WDC.
 The Golden Shears - for cutting off.
 Jenny Calder, Town Basin Co-Ordinator and Sheryl Mai, Mayor for Whangarei.
 Sheryl Mai  enjoying a relaxed chat with friend
 and colleague Councillor, Sharon Morgan
Sharon enjoying a nibble before the Speeches and  
 Jenny Calder and Mike Hibbert, Jenny Pike and Sarah Moon at rear.

Weavers Agnes Hauptli and Marilyn Rea-Menzies catch up over a glass of wine.
 Tapestry hostess Jill Ruddell serving Jean Cartwright, a spinner and weaver of many years.
The lovely Lilian Herleth, member of The Bach and silk scarf artist.
Patrica Boyd and Dennis Compter attended with their partners and children to honour their mother, Beverly. Unfortunately, Hans Compter wasn't able to attended along with Sandra, who lives in Holland.
After a time of chatting together Jill Hartles, Chairperson for the Tapestry Committee welcomed everyone to the special "Cutting Off" Ceremony.
She thanked the previous Mayor, Morris Cutforth for recognising a great opportunity when the 
Tapestry Project was first formally presented to the WDC.
Jill also thanked the Priests for the donation of Romney fleeces from their flock for the wool.
Clive Ihaka (second from right) was thanked for his time and expertise in making more than fifty wooden bobbins. Not only that, he periodically sharped the points when they got blunt from dropping on the concrete floor.
Jackie Addenbrook, the tapestry artist and project-conceptualiser spoke briefly and thanked Jill for all her work and dedication over the three years. The tapestry committee members were also thanked. They were Naoko Watson, Nancy Jackson, Jill Ruddell, Karen Taylor and Julia Prentice.
Karen Taylor presented Jackie with a beautiful bunch of flowers.
Jill Ruddell (left) presented Sarah Moon a lovely bunch of flowers as well. Sarah is the daughter of Brian and Glenda Ferguson, foundering members of The Bach and makers of the loom. Glenda also drew up the cartoon for the tapestry and managed the finances. Brian and Glenda were unable to attend the ceremony as they were away in the South Island.
Then Nancy Jackson, spinner and weaver presented Patricia Boyd (nee: Compter) and family a cheerful bouquet of orange lilies in honour and recognition of the tapestry Master, Beverly Compter. 
The Compter and Boyd family were special guests in honour of their Mother, Beverly who passed away unexpectedly in April last year after a short illness. 
Finally, special guest and professional tapestry weaver from Hamilton, Marilyn Rea-Menzies was introduced and invited to instruct us on the "Cutting Off" process. Beverly's grandchildren were invited to do the honours..
 ...and it's OFF the loom!
Beverly's Grandchildren (from left to right):  Louie, Isla and Marlon Compter and cousins Calan and Erica Boyd.
Please join us for the public unveiling of the Whangarei Community Tapestry on Saturday 11th of June 2016 at 10:00 am  Forum North, Rust Avenue, Whangarei

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