Monday, May 23, 2016

The top hem is done...

Naoko has spent the last two weeks 
studiously working on the tapestry hem.
It is woven in a certain method to give strength for hanging.
On Sunday the 22nd of May we held a special "Cutting Off"
Ceremony and invited a number of key people to be part of the
ceremony. It was an emotional evening as we reflected on the 
progress of the tapestry from it's conception to completion.
For many it was a sad time, too as we remembered Beverley,
 our Master Weaver who suddenly and unexpectedly passed 
away on 26th April 2015. 
 (Photos of the Ceremony will a uploaded soon)

MONDAY 23rd of May 2016
The loom is empty and the tapestry gone....
It has been moved to be prepared for displaying publicly.
 Saturday the 11th of June at The Forum North is when
The Unveiling of the Whangarei Community Tapestry
will take place - so mark it on your calendar....
We hope to see you there!

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Viridian said...

This is a wonderful community project. I have been watching its progress with fascination and was even allowed to put on a few 'stitches' on my own. I assume it is to be treasured and displayed in a very prominent position. It is not quite the Bayeux tapestry ( which is an embroidery, anyway ) but as important , for Whangarei. ' s history.