Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday 22nd February 2014

Frank Davis and wife, Carlene from Alfriston, South Auckland
were celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary and checking out
 the shops here at the Town Basin when they came across the
Whangarei Community Tapestry Project at The Bach.

Franks has to have a go at anything that his wife
is interested in (which is great!) and hops on Carlene's
sewing machine every now and again, just for fun!

It's lovely to see couples and families
work on the tapestry together!

Pam Paterson, from Albany, Auckland thought the tapestry was lovely.
She was up in Whangarei visiting friends for the weekend 
and had a bit 
of spare time while waiting for them to arrive for coffee at Mokabas. 

Elise (seated) with her grandparents Patti and Harry Hatters.
Elise and her brother Troy (from Auckland) were photographed
working on the tapestry in early January. Her grandparents,
who live in the USA were happy to see their photos on the blog.
They have come to visit the family in Auckland and were very
 interested in seeing the tapestry on their day trip to the North.
How awesome is that?!

Periodically, the tapestry needs to be "wound on" as it gets
to high for the hosts and community to comfortably work on. 
In the past historically, men climbed ladders in order to reach 
the highest parts of the tapestry but as we have a loom with
rollers to support the work as we progress we need strong arms 
to move the cog wheel and we usually call on the Loom-maker,
Brian Ferguson to help. Russell, Naoko's husband (on left)
gives a hand to help roll down to tapestry. We have been known to
 ask (nicely) unsuspecting men (who are looking at the tapestry) to 
give us a hand and they are more than happy to flex those muscles!
Brian Ferguson, checks out the
 loom after "winding it on" 

The next cartoon has been hung behind the warps!
Those feet belong to Beverley Compter, by the way.

The letter E has been started..if you look closely you
can see the outline of the girl in the painting.

Another section of the tapestry with the new cartoon section .
These lines get transferred onto the warps with a black marker.

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