Friday, March 14, 2014

Saturday 8th March 2014

The boat sheds are almost finished....
....and work has started on the girl!

 Sisters, Freya and Maddie Doherty.
They live in Onerahi, Whangarei 
and were in town for the day. 
 Maddie (front) is 15 and Freya, 10 years old.
 Freya liked working on the tapestry.

 Moana (left) is a local, her friend Helen (right) 
was up visiting from Auckland.
 Moana thought the tapestry was beautiful!

 Naoko had a lovely display of the 
green wool for all to admire!
 The many different shades are all hand-dyed by Beverley Compter.

 Joan Robertson (in red) listens as Naoko shows her how 
to weave while Hugh, her husband of 68 years watches.
 Joan is 93 years young and is sight-impaired.
Her husband, Hugh is 95. They live at Jane Mander 
Retirement Village and were out and about with
 their niece.  Thanks for taking part Joan!

 Joanna Gilby has a go at tapestry weaving while her Mum
chats to Naoko about the Community Project.
 Joanne is 12 and lives in Tauranga though her 
Mum is originally from Whangarei. They were up 
visiting Joanne's Great-Grandma.

 Zak Rogers (left) takes instruction from Naoko while his 
cousin Callum works at the other end of the tapestry.
 Callum (15) is a local and lives in Kamo
 His cousin Zak (14) lives in South Auckland
but up in Whangarei visiting for the weekend.
Thanks for your participation, guys!

 Sae Morishima, from Japan weaves a few rows
while host-mum Nora Elson-White looks on.
 Sae is a Japanese Art Student at NorthTec.
Nora worked with Jackie and Jill at NorthTec in the 90's
It was Sae's last day in New Zealand 
and she liked working on the tapestry.
  Candy, from China is also an international
 student at NorthTec and staying with 
host-mum Nora Elson-White in Whangarei.

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