Friday, March 14, 2014

Thursday 6 March 2014

 Sisters, Sarah Sutton (left) and Mandy Bax
 Sarah, in the blue shirt is a kiwi living abroad 
in Ithaca, New York. She saw a link about the 
tapestry project  on Facebook and put it on her 
"To Do" list when she next visited her sister, 
Mandy who lives here in Whangarei. 
They enjoyed working together on the tapestry
and will be back to check on the progress next
time Sarah is over visiting in New Zealand.

 Joan, on left is one of our volunteer tapestry hostesses. 
On right, is Yvonne Sutton ex-UK but now living in Poroti.
Yvonne said she was meeting up with a relative from 
the UK whom she has never met before. As she 
was a little early arriving she was having a bit of a "look
around" and enjoyed taking part in the tapestry project.

 Two visitors check out the tapestry painting by Jackie Addenbrook
while Julzs (seated on left) and Vicki (right) work on the tapestry.
Vicki Attwood (front) lives here in Whangarei 
(since 1982) and it was her second time weaving. 
She enjoyed working on the tapestry.  Julie (Julzs)
Support Worker for Recovery Solutions and
assisting Vicki would not have known about the
 tapestry project here at The Bach Gallery.
She really enjoyed working on the project too.

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