Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday 21 April - The Children's Loom..and the hem is done!

The Tapestry Hosts have been busy all week working on the hem. 
 The first black strip has been done too
 There's a bit of a mixture of tensions...
...but all in all it's looking good so far!!
 The back...
..and closeup.

We had a number of people coming and having a look at the Tapestry Project over the weekend. One of those was a dad and his son, Max who eager to try weaving on the Children's Loom.
Naoko has been working on the tapestry over the past few days.
 Here she is helping Max, who is six years old, weave on the Children's Loom
  He picked up the technique really fast and 
was so pleased with his efforts so much so that 
he went and got his mum and little brother Sam!
 Max and Sam, with the family looking on
 Dad helps his son, Sam
Sam, 3 years

Some time later, another family came in to see the tapestry.
The girls were very interested in the project and have a go
on the mini looms too...
 Victoria (left) is 13 and her sister, Charlotte is 9 years old.
 Lots of concentrating going on here...
Both girls really enjoyed having a go at weaving.

Later, Jill Hartnell arrived with her sister,
 husband and niece, Alice from Kawhia. 
Jill and Naoko discussing the progress so far.  
 Alice,15 years old  works on one of the mini looms while the adults chat.

It's so good to see children and teens so 
enthusiastic about having a go at weaving!

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