Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Grand Opening Ceremony - 10th April 2013

After much preparation and planning (over a year!) the day finally arrived for the Grand Opening.

The Whangarei District Council organised and supplied the Drinks and Nibbles and the Mayor, Morris Cutforth was invited to "cut the ribbon" and announce the Whangarei Community Tapestry Project "Officially Open" to the public.
The food was stunning and cheerfully served by Whangarei District Council catering staff.
 The Mayor smiles for the camera!
People had the opportunity to meet and greet, chat and have refreshments
It was a friendly, relaxed environment.
A stout rope encompassed the large loom
...entwined the four colourfully-covered chairs

..and a red, satin ribbon hung awaiting the "cutting"
Bobbins hang suspended, awaiting hands to put them to use.
In due course, the time came for Speeches with 
Jackie Addenbrook thanking everyone for coming
 Brian Fergusson, the Loom-designer and maker
Glenda Fergusson (left), Inspiration and Founder of The BACH,
and Beverly Compter (right), Tapestry Master
Jackie briefly explained a little about the wool, carefully
selected from a local Top-Class Romney Sheep Breeder
 The  black and white wool has been commercially-dyed but all
other colours for the tapestry will be hand-dyed in batches by
Beverly Compter, which will be a huge undertaking to say the least!
A Visitor's Book, for all to sign circulated during the Speeches.
"Mike"  from the Council
Sharon Morgan also from the Council
..and Jill Hartles, Chairperson, Secretary
as well as link to the Council
His worship, the Mayor
Morris Cutforth, was called upon to "Cut the Ribbon"
As it is a NO SCISSOR zone around the loom
the rope with untied by the Mayor
Everyone applauded as the rope was flung wide!
The Mayor was the first Official Member of the Public
to "Weave his Mark" on the Tapestry hem...
...and we hope he will come back and do
some more weaving on the picture cartoon.
 Beverley, Glenda, Brian and Jackie
 with the Tapestry "artwork"
Beverly and Jackie
Outside, looking in...What a wonderful evening!

The Ceremony Evening draws to close...
Let the Whangarei Community 
Tapestry Project commence!

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