Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Tapestry Workshop at The BACH, March 2013

Here's a few photos of a workshop held 
at the BACH to "wet your appetite"
The "warps" ..metres and meters of this thread
from Sweden, anxiously awaiting the "wefts"
Jackie Addenbrook explaining how
the Tapestry weaving is done
People from the Working Community and
Creative Fibre Weaving group at the workshop
Beautifully (hand turned?) wooden bobbins.
These have been donated for use
by the creative Fibre Group.
Jackie (on right) explaining how weaving works.
The Story board...lots of information about the history of weaving,
the inspiration for the project, making the loom, selecting the fleece etc
Beverly demonstrates how to secure
the wool when you've finished weaving
for the time being. It then hangs,
suspended for the next weaver...
Listening attentively to instructions
and learning weaving techniques.
Watching Beverly using one of the "Give it a go" looms..
 Then others were invited to "Give it a Go"
What a great sense of community!

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