Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The "GIVE IT A GO" loom
 During the workshop, we had the opportunity to
"GIVE IT A GO"  using mini looms donated by 
Creative Fibre, to practice weaving.
 Not only was it an opportunity to sharpen up
on an almost forgotten about technique..
 it gave people the opportunity to relax,
chat and those more experienced 
were able to help and encourage those
 that weren't so confident in weaving
 Some liked to "GIVE IT A GO" with the loom upright
 others found it easier to lay it horizontally
on a firm surface or a table
 Learning the way to join two colours
So if you have never tried weaving don't let that 
stop you coming into the BACH to "Give it a GO"
There will be experienced weavers available 
to help and the mini looms are great for ALL AGES,
young and old to try their hand at weaving...
When you are ready you can add your "mark"
 to the Whangarei Community Tapestry.

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