Saturday, April 20, 2013

Te Radar - New Zealand Comedian and Television personality

Thursday 18th April...
 Te Radar   (born Andrew J. Lumsden) is a New Zealand comedian and television personality.
Lumsden studied law at the University of Otago, but abandoned his original course of study to take up drama.[1] He adapted his original nickname of "Radar", adding the Maori Te ("The") to the front for added distinction.
Te Radar's comedy often focuses on his interests in travel and history and has a style that could be associated with the iconic style that has been made famous by Rhys Darby. As a result, his work has led to him presenting radio travel documentaries for Radio New Zealand
Tightening the tension of the wefts
Many hands are needed to crank the handle!
Te Radar weaving with a Host to help
Looks like the hem is completed!

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tina lumsden said...

Awesome pics of you working on the tapestry Te Radar! Even more interesting is that I see we share the same last name!! As I have never met any other Lumsden whanau. Would be keen when you next heading up to Whangarei to keep me posted would be great to find out a bit more of our Scottish Whakapapa. Maybe we can weave and korero at the tapestry! :)
much aroha
Tina Lumsden